Doing the Yahweh Dance;

"Go on and what? Draw the moral? That the life of puppets is no life at all?"

Elaine Belloc
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Trust your instincts, Elaine Belloc. If mercy's your aim,
be relentless in your mercy.
 Be absolute. Be yourself,
・・・ until you bleed.

& A B O U T ;;

Series: Lucifer (Vertigo comics).
Height: 5'something, 4''-8''?
Hair color: Black. Shoulder level and cut in uneven strands.
Eye color: Brown/dark.
Other: She has a pair of white wings, but not as big as she used to have. Alison Lohman is the banner PB.
Clothing & Weapons: Short dresses, likely black, white or dark colors. No weapons.

& L I N K S ;;

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